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About Us

Wanda’s Hope Klozet Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit 501c3 leading organization that addresses the basic clothing and shoe needs of underrepresented families around the USA. We support children, women, and families as they navigate through life challenges and hardships. We assist the community in developing a positive power that aids them along in life while offering them some of the luxuries that we frequently take for granted. Wanda’s Hope Klozet believes in a society that offers all humans irrespective of their status, race, and circumstances, equivalent opportunities to live a normal and happy life. Lack of access to clothes and shoes are some of the factors that are marginalizing our nation's neediest citizens. We provide coats and shoes to help people fight freezing winters in the USA and around the world.

Wanda’s Hope Klozet is entirely dependent upon the charity of organizations and individuals to fulfill its operating expenses. We organize different donation drives, fundraisers, and social gatherings across the USA to collect essential apparel for our community. 

We aim to become the global organization providing goods and services to people in need, within an environment of respect and dignity. We are of the belief that together, we have a responsibility to care for those who are suffering because of disparities and inequities so that everyone can benefit from basic life needs.

Our Mission


Our organization is founded on the principles of respect for people, their self-esteem, impartiality to their needs, and fulfilling our beliefs through brilliance in service furnishing. With originality, love, faith, friendship, and respect, Wanda’s Hope Klozet maintains a comprehensive philosophy towards some of society’s most overlooked members. People of all abilities, challenges, cultural backgrounds, races, and ages are welcomed and served. Wanda’s Hope Klozet offers a hospitable environment where the self-esteem of each person is acknowledged and accredited. We work hard to cultivate a sense of community between individuals facing hardships and donors who are the power and strength of Wanda’s Hope Klozet.

Spreading warmth one coat at a time!

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Our Mission
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Wanda J. Knotts

Our Founder

Wanda J. Knotts

Wanda is the visionary behind all that we are and do. Having experienced the loss of her home and business due to hurricane Katrina, she truly understands the challenges of rebuilding one’s entire life after the devastation. With her unwavering faith in God and fierce determination, Wanda was able to re-establish herself and is now a successful entrepreneur, educator, motivational speaker, philanthropist, fitness and wellness coach. 

Wanda’s life experiences coupled with her parents and grandmother's example of servitude are the driving forces that led her to a life of service.  In 2015, she began serving her community in various ways but found true joy in providing everyday essentials, such as shoes and coats, to those in need. Wanda desires to connect communities to proper resources to restore Hope so families can thrive.  Through Wanda’s Hope Klozet, she has impacted the lives of several vulnerable families, by tackling basic clothing needs that are often costly and one of the root causes of poverty. 

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